Stick umbrella, handmade 925 sterling silver plaque with name engraving, wooden handle 2000235

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Due to the production of the silver engraving plate, delivery time for this article is approx. 4 weeks!

10 Sections Stick umbrella with a valuable handmade 925 sterling silver plaque on the wooden handle and individual name engraving.

The best recommendation from the master umbrella maker workshop! The valuable umbrella handle made of curved wood is decorated with an elongated oval plaque made of sterling silver (925), which can be individually engraved according to your specifications, for example with a first and last name. The plaque is inserted into the wood. This makes the umbrella unmistakable for the owner. Due to the production of the silver plaque with engraving, the delivery time is approx. 4 weeks! If necessary, a description can be sent in advance.

The umbrella fabric has a black-gray gentleman design. Other colors are available on request.

This umbrella is one of the highest quality and best umbrellas available.

The umbrella frame has 10 fiberglass ribs and steel hinges. This makes it stable in windy conditions and superior to most umbrellas in terms of quality and durability. 10 sections have always been a feature of the best handcrafted umbrellas. Manual handling is particularly recommended. The umbrella is easy and safe to use. The key slider prevents fingers from getting caught. The fine-threaded umbrella fabric is so tightly woven that it protects even in the heaviest rain. It is coated with “Teflon” using a special process and is therefore quick-drying and dirt-repellent. Thanks to the special coating, it remains permanently waterproof and still has a very beautiful natural fiber look. With a length of approx. 89 cm and a weight of approx. 450g, it is one of the particularly light quality umbrellas. The roof with a diameter of approx. 104 cm and 10 poles is windproof despite its size. The wooden round hook umbrella handle with natural grain sits particularly well in the hand thanks to its smooth surface. The 12mm metal stick is also ideal for support. An elegant anti-slip protection is mounted at the end of the pole. In addition.

Our master umbrella maker workshop, which has existed since 1920, recommends this umbrella as a special quality product. In our experience, it will last for many years if you let it dry fully stretched. Even after many years of use, priority service in our workshop is a given if an error should occur.