10 Sections. open and close automatic Pocket-Umbrella. 300019

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10 Sections. open and close Automatic Pocket-Umbrella.


The umbrella has 10 stable ribsmade of carbon, fiberglass and aluminum. It opens automatically with a push of the button in the umbrella handle and closes again with a second push of the button. The stick must then be pushed together vigorously so that the umbrella can be opened and closed again automatically.

Due to the compact overall length of approx. 27 cm, the umbrella can be easily stowed away. Despite its low weight and maximum stability, it has a large roof with a diameter of approx. 102 cm.

The fine-threaded fabric made of 100% polyester is absolutely waterproof with a TEFLON coating, dries quickly and is particularly protected against dirt. The case is wide and there is enough space for the umbrella even if it wasn't rolled up properly.

Should this quality umbrella ever need to be repaired, it is easily possible to have it repaired in our master umbrella maker's workshop. If possible, always let your umbrella dry completely open!