10-section stick umbrella with a continuous stick 200017

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This 10-section stick umbrella with a continuous stick is one of the most wind-stable umbrellas available.

Stick umbrella with a continuous root wood stick and 10 ribs of the highest quality, larger roof, Glencheck design!

The best recommendation from our master umbrella maker workshop, handcrafted exclusively by us with valuable details. The umbrella frame has 10 fiberglass poles and steel hinges. Umbrellas with 10 poles are rated particularly well according to the old umbrella-making tradition and are stable in windy conditions. Manual handling is recommended because solid quality is offered without complicated technology.

The umbrella is easy and safe to use.

Slider and crown are made of steel. The fine-threaded umbrella fabric is woven so densely that it protects even in the heaviest rain.

It is coated with "Teflon" using a special process, making it quick-drying and dirt-repellent. Due to the special coating, it remains permanently waterproof and still has a very beautiful natural fiber look.

With a length of approx. 96cm and a weight of approx. 560g, it is one of the particularly light quality regular umbrellas. The roof with a diameter of approx. 110cm and 10 ribs is windproof despite its size.

The root wood stick consists of one piece from the handle to the top. This makes it stable and naturally beautiful. A steel Top is mounted at the end of the stick. In addition, a rubber buffer, which is loosely included in the delivery, can be used if required.

Our master umbrella maker workshop, which has existed since 1920, recommends this umbrella as a special quality product. In our experience it will last for many years if left fully stretched to dry. Even after many years of use, the preferred service in our workshop is a matter of course if a fault should nevertheless occur.

With a extra delivery time of approx. 1 week, personalization first and last name) is possible with a printed fabric patch on the closing strap (inside or outside).