Shoulder Umbrella - Stick Umbrella 10 parts, light and storm-resistant 100040

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Shoulder Umbrella - Stick Umbrella 10 parts, light and storm-resistant 100038

10-part quality umbrella with shoulder strap

Exclusive parasol with 10 ribs!

A development of the umbrella maker master workshop!

This umbrella is among the best umbrellas out there. The umbrella frame has 10 fiberglass ribs and steel hinges. This makes it strong in the wind, superior in quality and durability to most umbrellas, which often only have 6 or 8 poles. Manual handling is particularly recommended. The umbrella is easy and safe to use. The key slider prevents fingers from getting caught.

The micro-fine umbrella fabric is woven so densely that it protects even in the heaviest rain. It is coated with "Teflon" using a special process, making it quick-drying and dirt-repellent. Thanks to the special coating, it remains permanently waterproof and still has a very beautiful natural fiber look. With a length of approx. 77cm and a weight of approx. 410g, it is one of the particularly light quality umbrellas. The roof with a diameter of approx. 105 cm and 10 ribs is flexible and strong, despite its size, even in stormy weather. The straight wooden handle with natural grain is very comfortable to hold thanks to the smooth surface. It is connected to the wooden top with a black textile strap using easily detachable snap hooks. The carrying strap is 2-way adjustable. With the solid 12mm thick metal stick, maximum stability is achieved.

Our master umbrella maker workshop, which has existed since 1920, recommends this umbrella as a special quality product. In our experience it will last for many years if left fully stretched to dry. Even after many years of use, the preferred service in our workshop is a matter of course if a fault should nevertheless occur.